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The various components comprising these structures and their descriptions are given below: Floor These blocks have heavy duty channels and angle grid structures, which give greater rigidity and sturdiness. Furthermore, thick marine-ply, fiber board or duraboards are used for constructing the floor, which serve as highly reliable and durable bases. In addition to this, a homogeneous anti-scratch PVC carpet is laid over the marine ply or duraboard base.

Walls The walls of this structure bear 2 mm GI Sheets / M.S on the outside and pre-laminated boards having an ISI mark on the inside. Within the cavity, special density thick insulation is filled. This prevents any overheating in the cabin.

Roof The roof top is composed of 2 mm thick steel sheets having overlap on all sides. In order to prevent any ingress of water, these sheets are CO2 welded. A pre-laminated board forms the bottom of the roof and just like the walls, the cavities are filled with special density thick insulation to maintain cooler temperatures. Also, the creation of air-gaps between the sheet & the insulation further reduces the entry of external heat. This is done using special roof cooling systems.

Windows Powder coated aluminum sliding windows with weather shades are provided in this structure. Bearing a standard size of 4’ x 3’, these are also fixed with tinted glass. In addition, curtains or venation blinds can be put up for all or some of the windows. We also offer aluminum safety grills for these windows for added protection.

Doors This structure bears doors, which are constructed in double skinned pressed steel. Moreover, these are provided with insulation as well as godrej cylindrical latches and door closers. For additional safety and security, aluminum powder coated aldrop are also present. As an added facility, weather shade are provided over all the door. In addition to this, there are aesthetic sliding doors for internal partition.

Electricals ISI marked wiring and switches are offered within the structure. Apart from this, we ensure that the wiring is properly concealed for greater safety and better look. There is also a main inlet plug adapter for safer and more efficient leak-proof flow of current. For additional safety, MCBs and ELCBs are also provided. If the customer wishes, we also provide air-conditioning units wherever these are required.

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